Deuxmoi Editor


April 12, 2024

Photo Credit: Backgrid

"Omg forgot to send this yesterday, but I spotted Taylor Zakhar Perez at Erewhon in Pacific Palisades. I was very low key, lightly grabbed him on the shoulder when he was looking at the chicken curry salad and said (with a very nonchalant voice) ‘Oh my god, Alex Claremont Diaz’ and I had a lil giggle and he smiled and giggled and said “Heyyyyyy” and then we went our separate ways. I had to keep it moving…my burrito was waiting for me at the hot bar."

In case you haven't heard, upscale grocer Erewhon is kind of like Disneyland for the healthy foods obsessed! Organic produce so fresh it practically glows? Check. Vegan pizzas that taste like they snuck onto your "cheat day" list? Uh-huh.  Just be prepared to possibly max out your credit card. But at least your kaleidoscope smoothie bowl will come with a side of Hollywood spotting.