John Mayer's Surprising Side Hustle


Deuxmoi Editor


May 8, 2024

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Musician, sexually responsible partner, AND hero? What can’t this guy do?

There's a rumor swirling that the smooth-talking singer might have a hidden talent – as an EMT!

On the February 24, 2022 Deux/U podcast episode, Deuxmoi shared an email from a reader that stated the following: “ Don't know if you saw that John Mayer stopped his show last night to help a fan who was having a medical emergency in the crowd. But he did everything right. That’s because John Mayer is an ENT, and the guy is no bullshit either. I’ll leave it at that about his qualifications, but you can look him up on nremt [National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians]. It's public information and he’ll pop up.”

After the episode aired, several Deuxmoi readers wrote in to confirm that Mayer is, in fact, an EMT allegedly registered in Montana.

Can you picture it? John with a stethoscope around his neck instead of a guitar? We kind of can!  

Cut to this Thursday, April 11th when an exclusive source reported to Deuxmoi that, “John Mayer was spotted in Beaverton, OR going by the name John Miller. He’s a student in a tactical casualty class. He’s also wearing a $300,000 watch.” The source mentioned that  it could possibly be related to EMT training, and shared the facility’s website [Crisis Medicine].

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Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Whether he's saving lives or serenading stadiums, John is definitely a fan favorite. We might have to fake an injury just to receive the Mayer Medical Experience.