Friends Forever


Deuxmoi Editor


July 10, 2024

Photo Credit: Backgrid


The always stylish Jennifer Aniston and bestie Courteney Cox (not pictured) were spotted enjoying a night out together with friends at Los Angeles' San Vicente Bungalows this Thursday night. In response to photos posted on Deuxmoi, an exclusive eyewitness source wrote in with her own account of the evening. The source stated, "OMG! I saw her there, and we locked eyes. Can confirm she's stunning in person, amazing hair too." This comes as no surprise as Aniston, not only being a hair icon, is founder of beloved beauty brand Lolavie. The source also reported Jennifer was in the public mix and "eating out near everyone, along a wall in between other parties. There's a new sushi room upstairs, and she was sitting at the end of the stairs, so everyone who was coming up and down the stairs would have a plain view of her."

Photo Credit: Backgrid
Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

The source concluded by adding "Looked like a cute little dinner, but I didn't want to stare since our gaze was accidental. There were 3 people." Who doesn't love to see a Rachel and Monica night out!? We know we do!