Breaking News: Chris Rock Finally Hangs Up, World Holds Breath


Deuxmoi Editor


May 13, 2024

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM


Did you even see Chris Rock if he wasn't on the phone?

Every time a Deuxmoi reader spots Chris Rock, he's on the same thing: HIS PHONE.

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Since 2020, readers have called these Public Displays of Phone Calls (PDPCs) "VERY intense." Sometimes Chris is doing a walk and talk. Another time he was looking "really stressed" and "clearly going through something" as he barely ate his "well done" hot dog at a local burger place.  

Most of these sightings are in SoHo––one reader claimed the comic is "always just standing around Prince Street.” Eyewitnesses agree if Chris wasn't on his phone they "probably wouldn't recognize him" because you "can't miss that voice in a crowd."

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Maybe Chris' AirPods are broken? That seemed to be the case when he was seen talking loudly on speakerphone while walking down Newbury Street in Boston wearing a Red Sox hat and looking "very happy." Or maybe the Sox just won?

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Perhaps these are work calls? Another reader overheard Chris "talking about a new script." But not all of these calls are intense or outdoors. He was spotted at Mercer Kitchen being "loud and laughing alone on the phone." It seems like these PDPCs are working for Chris, as another reader said these calls made him look "surprisingly hot." Okay Chris, get it!

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Hot or not, we remain fascinated by Chris’ location choices for his conversations and love that he apparently gives zero effs as to who hears them. Yet, this still begs the question…why so public, Chris?

It could very well be that, due to his occupation as a stand-up comedian, talking loudly and publicly is an innate part of his persona. You know…like the world’s a stage kind of thing. Maybe Chris is just so accustomed to letting it all fly in front of a large audience that he treats the mean streets of NYC no differently.

Our final thought…can you imagine Chris not calling you back when you know he's literally always on his phone?