From Fairway Finds to Outsiders' Opening!


Deuxmoi Editor


March 30, 2024

Photo Credit: Backgrid


Eagle-eyed Deuxmoi readers have been keeping tabs on Angelina Jolie's whirlwind New York adventure these past two weeks, and it seems our favorite A list actress is out and about in the city that never sleeps!

Jolie's New York adventures began on the Upper West Side at Fairway, a haven for discerning foodies. Did she snag some fancy truffles for a power lunch or perhaps a basket of juicy berries for a healthy breakfast? Whatever her grocery list entailed, Fairway offers everything from locally-sourced produce to exotic cheeses, perfect for satisfying any foodie fancy.

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Next, Jolie was spotted (twice in one week) grabbing a caffeine fix (or maybe a business meeting) at Slate Cafe, another Upper West Side gem. This charming, family-owned spot boasts delicious artisanal coffee brews and a warm, inviting atmosphere – perfect for catching up with friends or brainstorming million-dollar movie ideas. Either way our

But Jolie's culinary journey didn't stop there. She was also seen enjoying lunch at Gemma, a trendy Bowery neighborhood eatery adored for its rustic Italian charm. Here, Jolie, accompanied by what appeared to be another woman, likely indulged in fresh pastas, seasonal vegetables, and perhaps even a slice of their mouthwatering wood-fired pizza. Was it a casual catch-up with a friend, or a girls' day out fueled by delicious food? The world may never know!

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Finally, Jolie traded plates for playbills as she was spotted attending a performance of "The Outsiders" on Broadway. Turns out, Jolie's not just an A-list actress, but also a powerhouse producer! This upcoming production, based on S.E. Hinton's classic young adult novel promises a gritty and emotional coming-of-age story. With Jolie's producing muscle behind it, "The Outsiders" is sure to be a smash hit!