Mike Faist serves up major points!


Deuxmoi Editor


April 28, 2024

Photo Credit: Backgrid


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mike Faist recently traded the stage for the court, convincingly portraying a washed-up tennis star in the film "Challengers." But he’s everything but irrelevant in the eyes of his fans.

In this week’s Deuxmoi Q&A on Instagram, a Deuxmoi reader expressed interest in Faist asking for any intel into what he’s like. In response, the Deuxmoi community submitted several overwhelmingly positive comments on their experiences interacting with the “Challengers” star.

Take a look at what our sources had to say about the actor. We think you’ll be more than pleased!

A solid friend…

“A few of Mike Faist's friends from his Broadway days have openly loved on him for years now, but joke that he's internet illiterate. Never heard a bad thing though. But it will be hard for internet sleuths to dig into him unless they know the theater community well.”

Dedicated, gracious, and grounded…

“Can confirm he is a total gem! Super down to earth and incredibly kind soul. Really sweet and will sign for fans and is always genuinely thankful for their support. He's not on social media or the internet in general really so distances himself from all that. Very much an actor's actor, extremely devoted to their craft and not into the glitz and glam (i.e. doing press, photoshoots, being famous, etc.).”

Lowkey and sweet…

“Can confirm Mike Faist is a sweetheart. He’s also super lowkey and has had a long term girlfriend for years. Sorry fans.”

Super nice…

“Everyone who has ever worked with Mike says he’s the nicest human alive.”

A man of the people…

Back in May: ”At ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in London after his performance, he was adorable with the people waiting and took time for everyone.”