Megan’s Mystery Procedure


Deuxmoi Editor


April 3, 2024

Photo Credit: Getty Images


In the Tuesday, April 2nd Deuxmoi Q&A on Instagram, readers couldn’t help but wonder what secret “procedure” Megan Fox was referring to on Alex Cooper’s "Call Her Daddy" podcast episode.

During the March 19th episode, Megan openly discussed some of the cosmetic procedures she had done in the past. But then came the big tease...Megan hinted at a recent procedure she underwent that wasn't your typical Botox or fillers. She kept it under wraps though, leaving fans speculating about what it could be.

Of course, the Deuxmoi community threw in their two cents:

One Deuxmoi reader offered the possibility of Megan having something referred to as facial fat grafting done. The reader explained, “It does the same thing as filler, but it’s better because it lasts longer. It also infuses stem cells into your skin, so it looks better than filler over time.” A second Deuxmoi reader wrote suggesting it's "an eyebrow hair transplant.” A third Deuxmoi reader alleged that she “lowered her hairline" or had forehead reduction surgery. Forehead reduction surgery, also known as hairline lowering, aims to shorten a high forehead.  The procedure typically involves making an incision hidden within the hairline, removing a strip of excess skin, and then advancing the scalp and hairline forward. Stitches are used to close the incision and minimize scarring. A final Deuxmoi reader chimed in stating, “someone suspected she had a labiaplasty.” All of the aforementioned procedures mentioned are purely based on speculation and unconfirmed.

Fox did leave us a few clues here and there during the conversation mentioning that it wasn’t a facelift or lift of any kind, but she wouldn’t be opposed to either. She also added that this mystery procedure was “really good” and not particularly well known publicly.

As celeb beauty enthusiasts, we can’t help but wonder what this is. Perhaps Megan will share the wealth with us in the near future. Until then, we'll just have to keep guessing. Either way, Megan looks beautiful!