A Young Adult Drama so good, you'll forget it's dubbed.


Deuxmoi Editor


June 11, 2024

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We don't know what's more mysterious: Maxton Hall's plot or how this German show dubbed in English is our latest obsession with barely any advertising.

Maybe it's the off-the-charts chemistry between Ruby (Harriet Herbig-Matten) and James (Damian Hardung). Word on the street is they're dating IRL. Or are these unconfirmed rumors from the fans? Is it even a Young Adult drama without at least one 'ship'? Or is "Harrian" just for promo? Hey, it worked for Anyone But You… and it's working for Maxton Hall…they're getting a second season!

However, while this steamy connection could lend one to believe the co-stars are actually dating IRL, we’re hearing it’s all acting. While unconfirmed, a source reported to Deuxmoi that he allegedly is spoken for. “Damian still attends lectures. He’s been around a lot last week…accompanied by his girlfriend. Everything with Harriet is PR. His girlfriend is a girl from college. She’s not famous. I think he doesn’t want to talk about his private life and since the Harriet rumors promote the show, he just lets people talk. But his girlfriend definitely marks her territory.”

[Damian Harding & Harriet Herbig-Matten] Photo Credit: Getty Images

Or maybe the obsession is all about Damian. This guy has a resume that makes Lisa Simpson look lazy: At 14 he got a scholarship to study in the US. He quit playing professional soccer to act. When he's not acting, he's studying to be a doctor. He even visited Antarctica campaigning with Greenpeace against climate change. He's about to play a vampire in another series called Love Sucks, he's a Virgo and he's only 25!

Also, HE'S NICE! A reader who worked with Damian says he's, "always polite and funny on set..My colleagues and I always wonder is he even real? What's the catch?"

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Our thoughts exactly! He sounds like the AI version of every heartthrob ever! Well, we know what we'll be watching tonight…