Who's Jack lovin' on now?


Deuxmoi Editor


May 13, 2024

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Who's got Jack Harlow smitten these days? Deuxmoi is just as curious as you are. 

This young Louisville rapper/singer keeps his love life seriously under wraps! Unfortunately for Jack, secrecy almost always will add fuel to the rumor mill fire.

On this week’s Deux/U podcast episode, Deuxmoi discussed receiving a message last week from an exclusive source stating, “Taylor Rooks was Jack Harlow’s date to the Kentucky Derby.” Naturally, this led some fans to wonder if the sports journalist was Jack’s latest love interest. However, this doesn’t seem to hold true according to Deuxmoi sources.

Photo Credit: @jharlowupdates/INSTAGRAM

                                                              *NOT Taylor Rooks

After this week’s Deux/U podcast episode aired, a source informed us of Taylor & Jack’s relationship stating, “He's NOT dating Taylor Rooks. She has a boyfriend which she talks about on her podcast. She also mentioned that she has a partner in an article last year. All the rumors around Taylor are fan-driven,” the source continued.

Despite Taylor not accompanying Jack to the big race, Deuxmoi might have an idea as to who did. An exclusive eyewitness source on the ground in Louisville on April 21st submitted a video sighting of Harlow. The source captioned the video stating that he was “holding hands with a girl at a party.” 

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

According to our aforementioned source, this is allegedly the same girl that Jack took to the Derby. The source stated, “She was at the Derby and his afterparty. She was in his DJ booth all night.” Photos of Jack’s supposed date dancing in the crowd in a red dress were also shared with Deuxmoi by the source.

Photo Credit: @jharlowupdates/INSTAGRAM

Further speculation sparked when Deuxmoi received an email on May 9th that read, “Senator Josh Hawley’s influencer cousin shared a video of Jack Harlow getting kisses on a post-Derby party bus.” The source also provided a screenshot of said video as evidence.

Photo Credit: @kyle_hawley/INSTAGRAM

Since last year, fans of Jack have suspected him to have a “secret girlfriend”. In this week’s Deux/U podcast, Deuxmoi briefly discusses this alleged woman, referring to her as possibly a hometown non-celeb love interest. Our source from this week added, “As for his ex Tori (aka his secret girlfriend), they were done last year somewhere around September, which is when he unfollowed her.” Rumors of Tori still being in the picture based on photos of her with Jack’s dog are being perpetuated on social media. Our exclusive source explained, “The thing about her having his dog is wrong. that came from one weirdly obsessed fan on Reddit. They can't let it go. They’ve been spewing so much wrong info…fans just can't let his relationship with tori go and it makes them come up with random fantasies.”

In short, we’re not entirely sure who Jack’s new girl is, and we don’t doubt that he’ll probably leave us hanging.