Forget this season’s diamond, we want the details!


Deuxmoi Editor


May 29, 2024

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Lady Whistledown is back for its third season, and viewers are fiending for behind the scenes intel!

Bridgerton fans just can’t get that carriage scene out of their minds (IYKYK), but the real life Colin and Penelope are purely platonic. An exclusive source shared with Deuxmoi, “A close source confirms Luke Newton and girlfriend Antonia Roumelioti are still together and have not broken up. All of the Nicola and Luke rumors are PR.” 

In addition, Deuxmoi received an anonymous email submission that echoed this confirmation. The anonymous source alleged, “I can confirm that Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan are 100% not together. Luke's girlfriend traveled with him on their international press tour including Down Under.”

Meanwhile, On May 16th at the Evan Ross Katz x Threads by Instagram's "Chaos Dinner" 2.0 at Saint Theo's in New York City, Luke was seen allegedly getting friendly with a certain Housewife. An anonymous email submission stated, “Spotted Canoodling: Brynn [Whitfield] from Real Housewives of NYC and Luke from Bridgerton. I work at Threads and my team working the event saw him kiss her neck mid-dinner.” According to the anonymous source, the event coordinators were “wanting to sit them next to each other, and their plan worked. Getty photog has the pics.” 

Host Evan Ross Katz was very quick to shoot down this rumor letting fans know that nothing happened between Luke and Brynn at his dinner.