Lively and Kendrick are Back! A Simple Favor 2 Sets Sail for Capri


Deuxmoi Editor


April 11, 2024

Photo Credit: Backgrid


Get ready for another wild ride! Our favorite frenemies, Stephanie and Emily (played by the amazing Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively), are back for a sequel to “A Simple Favor.” And this time, they're trading small-town Connecticut for the glamorous shores of Capri, Italy!

Yep, you heard that right. Capri is the new setting for their shenanigans. Imagine stunning cliffside views, turquoise water begging you to jump in, and all the pasta you can handle. We’ve been super excited for filming to commence ever since Deuxmoi received exclusive confirmation of the production taking place in April and May back on February 1st.

Now, filming has officially kicked off, and we got a sneak peek into the action. An exclusive eyewitness source sent Deuxmoi photos on April 2nd and reported, “Spotted Anna Kendrick at a dock in Capri with a film crew shooting.” We can't wait to see what Stephanie's up to this time – is she the maid of honor, or is there more to the story?

After the first movie, fans were curious as to what the dynamic was like between Anna and Blake amid rumors that there might have been some discord. This time around, everything seems to be copacetic.

Photo Credit: Backgrid

"From what I’ve heard Anna and Blake are getting along,” an exclusive source stated. Although both leading ladies are keeping it friendly, the source continued, “They really are just coworkers. They don’t hangout outside of work.”

Back in December 2021, an exclusive source who worked with Blake during the first production described her as “a sweetheart” and “very down to earth and professional.” The source also added, “I can’t say the same for her co-star though…”.

Although it would be remiss to assume the source was referring to Anna Kendrick, additional intel was submitted to Deuxmoi on April 9th that suggests a different interpretation. An exclusive eyewitness source who dined next to Anna at local Capri restaurant La Capannina stated, “She was really nice to all of the staff, which was kind of surprising because I feel like she gets a bad rep about how she treats people.”

Additionally, the source was lucky enough to overhear some of Anna’s conversation with her fellow dining companions. “I could hear Anna complaining about one of her castmates for a good 15 minutes.” While the source wasn’t able to make out a name, the source explained Anna said, “When she argues with her [the costar] in scenes, she felt like she was actually getting into it with the other cast member because she was so irritated by the way she acts.” However, it is unclear as to whether or not she was referring to Blake, specifically.

Photo Credit: Backgrid

The source’s waiter, who was an extra on set, also shared, “Anna is out and about a lot, but Blake pretty much just stays in her hotel unless she’s filming.” One thing Anna isn’t doing, though? Rolling out the dough apparently! Allegedly, the two people Anna was dining with were, “trying to convince her to go to a pasta making class in Rome, and she was like ‘absolutely not. That’s definitely not my scene.” We’ll leave the pasta making to La Capannina!

The source also got the scoop on some plot details for the sequel. The source stated, “There’s obviously some sort of criminal stuff going on because she talked a lot about her scenes with the FBI agent in the film. We also saw the set for the wedding scenes and outside the hotel they were staying in. There must be a lot of beach/pool scenes because she seemed to be very torn between which swimsuits to choose for her costumes (and was worried about filming a bikini scene after eating a bunch of carbs for dinner lol).”

Photo Credit: Backgrid

One thing's for sure,  A Simple Favor 2 promises non-stop entertainment with a gorgeous Italian backdrop.  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, because this is one sequel we definitely don't want to miss!

If you find yourself in Capri, La Capannina serves up the island's legendary Ravioli Caprese alongside other local specialties. Sounds like a worthy pit stop to us!