Which NYC spots brew the most celebs?


Deuxmoi Editor


July 13, 2024

[Seth Meyers @ The Elk] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM


If there’s one thing we have in common with Hollywood A-listers, we all need coffee in our veins. Deux is spilling the beans on where your favorite celebrities get their daily caffeine fix in NYC!

Abraço: Well-known for their top-notch espresso, Ari Aster, Shailene Woodley, Dakota Johnson, and Cara Delevingne have ventured into this East Village haunt. Maybe you’re not in the mood for coffee–they have killer cocktails, wine, and beer on the menu too.

Bedford Studio: This collective-meets-coffee shop is a necessity.The decor makes you feel like you’re in someone’s living room. And it has the stamp of approval from Harry’s House–Harry Styles himself has stopped into this West Village spot. Who knows, maybe he penned a song from the dining table...

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Blank Street Coffee: Sabrina Carpenter recently partnered on an (surprise, surprise) espresso drink. You might catch Amanda Seyfried or Nicholas Braun in line at one of their NYC locations.

Blue Bottle Coffee: If you want a place that’s just as hardcore about its beans as its celeb following, look no further. Don’t be surprised if you *accidentally* grab Justin Bieber, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, or Alec Baldwin’s order at one of its locations throughout the city.

Cha Cha Matcha: Co-founded by an alleged ex of Sofia Richie Grainge’s, this East/West Coast staple will put some pep in your step. Hollywood darlings like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Kaia Gerber have been seen picking up matcha there. Plus, Travis and Kourtney are huge fans – KKB even did a Lemme collab with them in 2023!

Daily Provisions: From the founder of Shake Shack, these coffee shops-meet-cafes (with super tasty breakfast and lunch menus) have attracted a slew of stars. Can you imagine if the likes of Justin Bieber, Judd Apatow, and Leslie Mann ordered next to you? *chills*

Devoción: Joshua Bassett enjoyed his coffee here (at their Williamsburg outpost), and it’s not surprising at all. The beans are crazy fresh, as in you might be drinking coffee that was shipped 10 days ago..from Colombia! Whether you go to their Brooklyn or Manhattan locations, you’re bound for a chill, feel-good time. And you’ll have a good shot of running into a familiar face, like Penn Badgley, Shailene Woodley, Jeremy Strong, or David Lynch. One of our Deuxmoi readers even spotted Margot Robbie sharing a table with Sarah J. Maas, author of bestseller A Court of Thorns and Roses.

[Shailene Woodley @ Devoción] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

For Five Coffee Roasters: In case you wondered what beverage Florence Pugh fuels her day with, it’s a cold brew with oat milk. And it’s from this mini East Coast chain. Fun fact: they have a roasting facility in Brooklyn!

Interlude: If Blake Lively proclaims this cafe’s off-menu Pop-Tart is “the best pastry in NYC,” then clearly they’re onto something— and their coffee is unreal too. Bella Hadid and the Jonas Brothers have frequented this Tribeca spot as well.

Joe Coffee: You have probably seen Joe all over the city – not to mention Joe Goldberg (aka Penn Badgley) loves his coffee here too. Not surprisingly, this quick-service cafe has attracted the likes of Ed Sheeran, Dan Bucatinsky, and Mandy Moore as well.

[Ed Sheeran @ Joe Coffee] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

La Colombe: With a dedicated following and locations throughout the United States, it only makes sense that J Balvin to Frank Ocean to Cara Delevingne to Evan Mock would walk through its doors, especially in Tribeca.

[Frank Ocean @ La Coloumbe] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Ludlow Coffee Supply: Dua Lipa raved about Ludlow’s Maple Oat Latte. Eli Brown & Eric Andre are also customers at this Lower East Side gem.

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Matchaful: Maybe coffee isn’t your thing. Enter matcha. This female-owned cafe (with seven locations!) serves some of the city’s best matcha - just ask Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Kate Hudson. Also, the entire cafe is vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Major bonus points!

[Leonardo DiCaprio @ Matchaful] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Merriweather: This Aussie cafe in the West Village is a magnet for celeb sightings, including Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Radcliffe (the show must go on!), Sebastian Stan, Irina Shayk, and Emily Ratajkowski. If we haven’t convinced you, their pastries will sweeten the deal.

[Sebastian Stan @ Merriweather] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Sant Ambroeus: This Milanese hotspot is giving the Casa Cipriani of coffee/lunch spots in Manhattan. Who might you bump elbows with? Oh you know, Olivia Rodrigo, Julia Fox, Anna Wintour, Nicola Peltz, Austin Butler, Tom Holland, Naomi Campbell, Eddie Redmayne, or Karlie Kloss - only to name a few.

[Katie Holmes @ Sant Ambroeus SoHo] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

The Elk: This quintessential West Village neighborhood cafe is an absolute must. Get the coffee, stay for the vibes, and you might bump into the likes of Joshua Bassett, Matthew Gray Gubler, Julianne Moore, Jason Biggs, or Bradley Cooper.

Deux Tip: take your coffee to the West Side Highway for some extra people watching - you might run into Andy Cohen gossiping away or Jake Gyllenhaal going incognito (both are true stories!).

[Joshua Bassett @ The Elk] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Think Coffee: If we had to think of where celebrities can drink caffeine and support a locally-owned company that invests in its coffee community, it would be here. Supporters of the local chain include Chris Rock, Jimmy Kimmel, Nicholas Braun, Camilla Mendes, and James Morosini. The majority of the sightings were at their Meatpacking location, but you never know...

Needless to say, you never know who you’ll “bump” into on your next coffee adventure...