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May 10, 2024

Photo Credit: @taylorswift/INSTAGRAM


Photo Credit: @taylorswift/INSTAGRAM

We’ve seen grown women cry over the music and lyrics that comprises each track of The Tortured Poets Department. Many are deep down an analysis rabbit hole while others are just happy to have so many new Swift songs to jam to. But what about the stars of the show? Have you been curious as to what they think? Deuxmoi has the inside scoop on what Swift’s main love interests think of her newest drop. Check it out…

Current boyfriend and NFL heartthrob Travis Kelce reportedly really liked the album, according to an exclusive source. Including the shout out to one of his favorite movies “American Pie”. During release weekend, he and Taylor spent some time in Monterey, CA and were spotted eating at a restaurant in Carmel Valley. 

Taylor and Travis in Harbour Island, Bahamas/Photo Credit: Backgrid

Long-time ex Joe Alywn seems at peace with the release of the album, contrary to what some fans might think. An exclusive source shared, “It’s not really accurate to say he’s relieved by the album because it's not as though he was living in fear of what she would be saying. He wasn’t worried in the first place. That being said, now that it’s out there, he isn't reeling or devastated. They both know what went down between them and what their issues were. And honestly, she was more scathing at points on ‘Midnights,’ especially in the song ‘Bejeweled,’ than on this album.

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The source continued to explain, “The sad songs on the album are about Joe and the mad ones are about Matty, and that mostly rings true. Joe’s not mad. He doesn’t think she’s mad.” Allegedly, Joe agrees with how their relationship was lyrically portrayed. “The songs about Joe are pretty accurate in terms of what went wrong and how things fell apart. So he respects the fact that she told her side of things in this way,” the source stated. Joe also had some thoughts on songs allegedly reflective of Taylor’s time with Matty. “He does think she’s overblown the significance of Matty both in her life in general and in terms of his importance following their breakup, but he’s honestly not focusing on him or her. This season of his life is over. It's done. He’s completely moved on and he has zero hard feelings. And this album didn't change any of that,” the source concluded.

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The 1975 frontman Matty Healy appeared to have some mixed emotions on the album. An exclusive source shared a vulnerable take from Healy’s point of view. “Matty respects her creative freedom and storytelling, but definitely doesn’t like that it gives a hurtful time from last year and hateful fans a second round to go at him. He is in a different place now and very happy with current girlfriend Gab and family.” For Matty, “it’s odd to have to relive something a year later, but they’re both lyricsists/songwriters, so he understands it. I don’t think he anticipated the 30 something songs about him that’s for sure.” Where does Matty stand now? “He moved on a while ago and just is focusing on the good in that. He has also been anticipating this. The entire band has been laying low lately while three out of four members are in LA. He’s been working on some new music, the source explained.”

…and what about Mother herself? What’s Taylor’s hope for how her newest music is received? While the tracks are Healy-heavy, the source declares, “anyone who is interpreting this album as her declaring that she’s still obsessed with Matty and loves him despite it all is totally missing the point. These songs are all past tense. They are about a singular moment in her life that is too crazy not to write about so she did.” 

According to our source, Taylor “wanted to be fully moved on from all of this…from Joe…from Matty…from the break ups and the headlines and the emotional drama. Once the tour is done and she has real down time, she will start the next phase of her life.” Naturally, “People who are trying to figure out which songs are about Joe and about Matty should realize that several of the songs are actually about both of them.” 

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An exclusive source close to Taylor shared the following insight into where Taylor was coming from with this album’s creation. “She hopes people are grasping that this album represents a very intense and specific period of her life. That was just that. A specific period. One that is very much over now. Everything came to a head for her last spring and summer. The Joe relationship had been painfully circling the drain for months, if not years. But it was devastating to end it once and for all once the tour started, and then Matty came on the scene and completely toyed and manipulated her in the most love bombing narcissistic fashion imaginable. Like true villain behavior. It was just pain and chaos and confusion and that was what she was sitting in when she wrote 95% of this album.” 

Now that the album has been released into the world, Taylor has been experiencing a newly found freedom. The source continued, “This chapter is well and truly done. It ended the minute she started recording the songs and getting it almost literally out of her system. And it was because it was so totally over and she was cleansed of it and able to move into the best, healthiest relationship of her life [with Kelce]. She wasn’t originally going to have any songs about him on the album, but she’s so happy with where she is with him now that she couldn't help herself from writing about it, and she didn’t want to sit on those songs.”

Photo Credit: @taylorswift/INSTAGRAM

The source concluded by explaining Taylor’s decision making when it comes to who makes it on the album and who is left out. “People need to realize that when Taylor is truly deeply in love with someone in a fully committed relationship, she doesn’t really write that much about it once it’s over. The people who truly become a part of her don't get written about in a nasty or angry way. Just ask Calvin Harris. They were together for over a year, and she really loved him. Out of respect for that, she hasn't written angry songs about him.” The source’s final advice? “If you want to be spared a nasty taylor song being written about you, make sure you're decent enough to last in her life for longer than 3 months.” 

The Tortured Poets Department is available now wherever you stream your music. 

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