Tom Blyth's sorority surprise


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April 29, 2024

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Tom Blyth does NOT seem to shy away from the dating scene!

On Thursday, April 4th, Deuxmoi received a sighting from an exclusive source narrating, in true Gossip Girl form, the English actor’s latest whereabouts. The source stated the following: “Tom Blyth, the heartthrob of Panem, caused a stir at Syracuse University while filming his new movie. Word has it he’s been cozying up with a few sorority sisters despite rumors of a girlfriend back home. In the world of glitz and glam, it seems some flames are too hot to resist. But remember, even the brightest stars can get burned. XOXO.” In addition to this intel, the source mentioned they have photo evidence of Tom at one of the Syracuse sorority houses at around 4:00 AM.

Tom’s relationship status has been a hard one to pin down. We do know that he’s been dating the aforementioned girlfriend and theater director Britt Berke for the past year or so. Back in December, Deuxmoi discussed Tom in two, consecutive Deux/U podcast episodes, piecing together whether or not he’s single or not based on Deuxmoi reader encounters with the actor.

One of these instances was published in the December 24, 2023 Deuxmoi Newsletter. Deuxmoi reported that Tom and a Deuxmoi reader had frequent contact via social media during the time he and Britt were allegedly together. The exclusive source explained, “We were DMing until Valentine’s Day when he posted a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram. He never told me he had a girlfriend. He even messaged me recently.”

A second Deuxmoi reader submitted their experience with Tom during one of his film projects. The exclusive source stated, “I have some tea on Tom Blyth. I did some work on a film with him. He got my number, asked me out, and flirted through text. He basically just invited me to his Airbnb to have sex. While he was very hot, I passed.” The source also included screenshots of their texts, which described the fun and flirty conversation in detail.

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Whether or not Tom is single remains unclear. But for now, we’ll be on the lookout for more sightings at the next Greek mixer or social.

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