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May 3, 2024

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What happens when two co-stars rub one another the wrong way? Apparently, someone runs the risk of getting called an asshole.

At least this is true for former ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ actors Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen. When fans of Rebel caught wind of her referencing an “a-hole” in her upcoming memoir titled “Rebel Rising: A Memoir,” everyone needed to know who this less-than-amicable individual was. In response to widespread curiosity, Rebel revealed the actor was comedic provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen on her Instagram account on Sunday, March 24th.

Rebel Wilson Book Signing
Photo Credit: @rebelwilson/INSTAGRAM

You might be saying to yourself ‘No way! Not Borat the clueless Kazakh journalist? Brüno, the exuberant fashionista with questionable taste. How could he possibly be an a-hole?’

This week, some Deuxmoi readers came to defend Cohen’s not so a-hole persona. One exclusive source wrote, “I am so surprised to hear that Sacha Baron Cohen is an ass. I worked with him in 2019 on the set of the movie ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7. He was so nice and respectful to the whole crew.” The source went on to describe his dedication to the role. “He spent a lot of time listening in his headphones. His character had a very strange, weird voice/accent. So Sacha spent a lot of his downtime listening to him talk on his headphones to practice the accent. He never broke the accent and took his job very seriously.” However, according to the source, he managed to find time to engage with the cast and crew. “He would still crack jokes, smile, and be totally normal. This was one of my first jobs in the film business, so knowing one of my favorite actors was so nice and normal was such a sweet moment. His behavior could be totally circumstantial, but my experience, along with others in this movie, was great with him.”

A second exclusive source shared their take on Cohen’s reputation in the industry stating, “He’s like Jim Carrey. A comedic genius but prone to moodiness and actually quite a serious, cerebral guy when he’s not ‘on.’ He’s absolutely great to some people, but if he thinks you’re an idiot or not worth his time, he will just generally dismiss you. He clearly was never going to be Rebel’s biggest fan. She’s no walk in the park either, so he likely wouldn’t give her the time of day. But he’s not a legendary asshole or anything like that.”

Rebel being a handful on set was echoed by a number of Deuxmoi sources. One exclusive source mentioned, “She once took home a writer's script. She said she hated it and wanted to rewrite it. So, she put her name on top and returned it with nothing changed.”

Another exclusive source who worked at the camp they used to shoot the scenes for ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ shared their experience working around Rebel. The source explained ,“All of the cast’s trailers were parked in front of our cabins, so we would have to walk through them to get to and from where we were staying. We were told not to approach the actors or talk to them and we all obliged. Some actors were friendly, but others would just kind of give us a deer in headlights look when they passed us and looked freaked out if we might dare speak to them. Especially Rebel Wilson, which was super disappointing at the time.”

Look out for Rebel’s memoir set to hit the bookshelves on Tuesday, April 2nd for more of her on set stories.

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