Blamin' It All On The Nights On Broadway


Deuxmoi Editor


May 5, 2024

Photo Credit: @joejonas/INSTAGRAM


An overwhelming amount of Deuxmoi readers have been curious as to why The Jonas Brothers postponed the European leg of their tour. It’s been a burning question in the Q&A since April 9th!

In response to the April 16th Q&A on Instagram, a few sources wrote in with some intel. “I have a very close friend who works in the theater industry,” one exclusive source began. “They can 100% confirm that, pending final contracts, Joe Jonas will be in ‘The Last Five Years’ this summer/fall with Ashley Park.” Joe isn’t the only bro headed for the stage. The source continued, “Nick Jonas is rumored to be leading ‘Tick, Tick, Boom’ transfer in a super limited run this summer. The announcement for this has been delayed as they are working to nail down his costar, which will depend on some show cancellations, etc. Hence the tour postponement.”

Photo Credit: @nickjonas/INSTAGRAM

Another Deuxmoi reader added that Broadway boards online are saying the opposite-that Joe will be in “Tick, Tick, Boom’ and Nick will be doing ‘The Last 5 Years.” A second Deuxmoi reader had a lighter reaction to the alleged news and urged others to “always take it with a grain of salt until announced, but it absolutely seems like this is why the tour was postponed.” 

Other sources suspect that the tour postponement is actually due to Joe releasing new music and not related to any sort of Broadway casting. One exclusive source states, “This (Broadway) isn't true. There may have been negotiations but the deal didn't close. Joe is releasing his album.” Whether or not Broadway is actually to blame for the tour’s halt, it sounds like the JoBros have some exciting things in the works.

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