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May 3, 2024

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UPDATE 4/26/24: An exclusive source shared the following with Deuxmoi regarding Joe and Olivia after this week's Deux/U podcast episode aired. The source stated, "I have a close friend who works as an influencer. Her best friend's friend has been hooking up with Joe Burrow and spent time with Joe and Nick Bosa in Florida. She confirmed Joe and his girlfriend have been broken up for a few months."

Pieces to the “Is Joe Burrow single now?” puzzle are finally coming together! Fans have been asking about this for several months and want answers.

In this week’s Deux/U podcast episode, Deuxmoi shared intel from an exclusive source regarding the Bengal QB’s current relationship status. The source alleged, “Joe Burrow broke up with Olivia and is officially single! I went to Ohio State with both of them, so I have a lot of mutual friends. Olivia has finally been telling people. Joe’s also been hooking up with girls and asking them to sign NDAs. But the best part is, he doesn’t go up to them himself. He’s way too shy and has his friends go up to them for him.”

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If this wasn’t enough to assume Burrow is back in the dating game, an additional exclusive source messaged Deuxmoi on Friday in response to details discussed about Joe on the podcast. They referenced Joe’s attendance at his friend Zach Turnure’s Columbus, Ohio wedding on March 30, 2024. The source stated, “I can confirm what was said about Joe. Except he was chill, did not do anything crazy and didn't stay out late.” The source also noted that Olivia was not in attendance, which aligns with what two, additional sources shared with Deuxmoi the weekend of the wedding.

The source continued to emphasize, “He didn’t do anything crazy or go to the after party. He was VERY lowkey.” In regards to what’s going on with Olivia, the source stated, “it’s confirmed that they have broken up. It was his best friend’s wedding, and he didn’t want any attention.”

Unfortunately, it’s looking like these Ohio State sweethearts might be over.

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