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June 4, 2024

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UPDATE 5/30/24: Despite a recent public display of affection, with photographers capturing Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck holding hands on May 30th, rumors continue to swirl about their marriage. Unconfirmed reports allege to Deuxmoi that the high-profile couple may be headed for divorce, fueled by the rumor that a well-known Los Angeles divorce attorney has been hired to mediate a potential split. However, neither Jennifer Lopez nor Ben Affleck have commented on the speculation. Tune in to the May 30th podcast episode of Deux/U for more details on Affleck and Lopez's current relationship status.

Photo Credit: Backgrid
Photo Credit: Backgrid

When news broke of a possible split between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck this week, time stood still for a minute as fans wondered if there's any validity to the rumors. The couple had not been photographed together from March 30 to May 16, which is very unusual for this frequently pap'ed celebrity duo.

In the midst of this media frenzy, Deuxmoi got the inside scoop from an exclusive source. "At this point, neither Jennifer nor Ben are actually implementing a legal separation. Both parties are determined to remain steadfast despite current challenges in their marriage," alleged the source. "Ben tends to gravitate towards relationships with women who not only believe they can fix him, but who remain determined to stick it out no matter how bad his issues," the source added. In addition to their own marital issues, there appears to be differences in opinions over parenting across their blended family. "Jen Garner has more of a Type A approach while Jennifer tends to be more easy going and flexible in her methods of raising the kids," the source alleged.

With this being said, sources confirmed to Deuxmoi that Ben is, in fact, residing in another home at this time. Our source continues to clarify that this might not necessarily be an indicator of divorce since the couple own multiple Los Angeles properties and are "literally always in three different places."

[May 16, 2024 in LA] Photo Credit: Backgrid
[March 30, 2024 in NYC] Photo Credit: Backgrid

A second exclusive source shared their understanding of the situation. The source alleged, "Jennifer and Ben...done. He already moved out. It's not 'divorce papers done,' but I think they're taking a break. If they were 'divorce papers done,' she literally wouldn't be able to get out of bed. The paparazzi got her out with long-time production partner and friend Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas. Both still wear rings, but that could be a ploy."

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[Ben seen leaving the residence where he is now staying with his mother, Chris] Photo Credit: Backgrid

Ben and Jennifer had an epic comeback in their romance in 2021 after nearly 18 years of being apart. Honestly, can anything really break these two up for good? We're really hoping nothing will.

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