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May 10, 2024

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM


Justin and Hailey Bieber are TOGETHER, in every sense of the word. The still very-much-married couple was spotted Tuesday, April 30, 2024 having some quality one-on-one time in a warm locale.

Deuxmoi obtained exclusive photos from the outing, which show a bucket hat-wearing Biebs leaning in close to his wife of nearly five years and enjoying a refreshment under the sun. Justin, who Hailey just called “a pretty crier” after he posted pictures of himself in tears on Instagram, was notably smiling.

We asked our eyewitness source for a vibe check and they told us, “Yes they are happy, he sang to her in a low voice, it seemed like he was asking her if she liked it, they talked and laughed, then they sat very close, they stayed there for about 10 minutes, then he got up to get his food that had been ready and they walked away calmly talking and laughing.”

Ever since February when Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, reposted a video that called for prayers for Justin and Hailey, fan theories and headlines from some media outlets have speculated about the state of the Biebers’ marriage. Despite these baseless rumors of Hailey cheating with a billionaire, the couple living separately, and headed for divorce, Deuxmoi continues to maintain what we’ve been reporting since March, which is, Justin is struggling with personal issues that have nothing to do with his and Hailey’s marriage.

Louder for the people in the back, we repeat this message from the March 28, 2024 Deux/U podcast episode: They’re still together. They’re still married. Divorce is not on the horizon.

Deuxmoi acknowledged how Justin’s issues could understandably be impacting his better half and their marriage on the March 7, 2024 Deux/U podcast episode, but read this message from a source reiterating that Justin’s trauma “has not a single thing to do with the relationship.” The source further stated, “Hailey is his bedrock. Whether they are seen together, PDA, or how he appears emotionally in public…Hailey is his wife for good reason.”

Hopefully this photo evidence is good reason to stop the Internet from putting the Biebers’ relationship on the chopping block for now; and let’s all just show some support and compassion for the couple before it’s too late to say sorry to these two.

Justin & Hailey Bieber on Island Time
Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM
Justin & Hailey Bieber on Island Time Two
Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

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