Is It Real? Harry and Taylor's under-the-radar romance in question


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June 11, 2024

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Update 5/25/24: After Deuxmoi exclusively reported the surprising breakup between pop prince Harry Styles and actress Taylor Russell, fans were questioning what led to the break. 

An exclusive source tells Deuxmoi, “No mention of kids or settling down at all. If anything, the vibe was the opposite. He's-a-rockstar-and-got-bored kind of vibe, if that makes sense.” 

Recently, Harry has been spending time in Italy. An additional exclusive source reported, “A friend of mine just saw Harry in Rome, and he confirmed the breakup. He wasn't a fan. Didn't even know who Harry was, at first. They were just chatting at a restaurant. Harry was just lamenting on a recent break up.”

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Things have gotten a bit quiet on the relationship front lately between Harry Styles and girlfriend Taylor Russell. This left fans to wonder: are they still together or did they call it quits? The couple hasn't been spotted grabbing coffee or strolling through parks like they used to. Does this mean it's over?

On May 14th, Deuxmoi was the first to report that the couple are allegedly broken up. An exclusive source, who heard from someone close to Styles, stated, "Harry and Taylor are done. His doing." According to the source's intel, the split was allegedly initiated by Harry, and could be the result of work obligations leaving many to speculate that their busy schedules might have gotten in the way.

Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

Both Taylor and Harry were in London this past week, but weren't seen together, as far as we know. Harry was seen solo on May 15th in the audience at the Kacey Musgraves concert in London. Taylor's been filming a new movie, and Harry's been rumored to be working on new music. According to our source, Harry is headed to a quiet destination to focus on writing where Taylor allegedly won't be joining him. Long distance can be tough for any relationship, even for a pop star and an actress.

[5/15/24 @ the Kacey Musgraves concert] Photo Credit: @deuxmoi/INSTAGRAM

So, what do you think, Styles and Russell shippers? Is this a relationship on pause, or are they done for good?

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