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April 22, 2024

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Excitement is brewing in East Highland as Max’s hit teen drama ‘Euphoria’ gears up for its highly anticipated third season. While details have been scarce, devoted fans might have gotten a glimpse into filming schedules thanks to the ever-watchful eyes of the Deuxmoi community.

Mid-January, an exclusive source encountered actor Eric Dane (aka Cal Jacobs) in Los Angeles who mentioned filming would begin March 1st.  While cameras aren’t currently rolling, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson and crew are firing up their equipment.

On the March 21st Deux/U podcast, Deuxmoi shared that an exclusive source claims filming will now begin in May. The source also dropped a potential bombshell about the cast suggesting a reduced role for heartthrob Jacob Elordi who portrays beloved bad boy Nate Jacobs.

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Levinson is well known for shaking things up. This new intel aligns with previous reports of a new season format and fresh faces joining the cast.  Interestingly, the source adds that “Kelvin Harrison Jr., originally cast for the role ultimately filled by Dominic Fike (Elliot), might be back in the mix for a different character. There’s going to be a time jump this season, so logically, it would make sense.” 

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Other mainstays in the cast are Zendaya who plays main character Rue and Sydney Sweeney as Cassie. “Sydney will continue to have a sizable role and Zendaya is not taking a step back at all.”

Monday morning, Variety reported that "Euphoria Season 3 has been delayed at HBO." Whether or not this delay coincides with the newly reported May start date as per our sources is unclear. However, Deuxmoi was told exclusively that Season 3 is not cancelled.

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