Surprise! Andrew Garfield's newest love story predates pap pics!


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April 29, 2024

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Looks like Peter Parker might have found his MJ in real life! Andrew Garfield has been spotted multiple times in the UK and Los Angeles with a new woman and fans are taking notice.

So who exactly is she? Her name is Dr. Kate Tomas, and she's not your typical Hollywood type. Instead of red carpets, Kate walks a more spiritual path. She describes herself as an author and "magickal practitioner" on her website.  Apparently, she offers tarot readings and spiritual guidance.

A Deuxmoi reader did some digging on Dr. Kate, and sent us a screenshot of the following Tweet: “I saw a tweet about Andrew Garfield dating an astrologer with a PhD, which sent me down a rabbit hole. I realized it’s the same woman I took a free consultation session with when I was down really bad in like 2017. Even in my down-bad-ness, I could smell her grift a mile away.” The Twitter user continued to mention a number of signs that “should have been a massive red flag,” which included Dr. Kate’s participation on certain podcasts.

Despite this information, Kate seems to have made some positive Hollywood impressions with clients such as Meghan Mullally and Lena Dunham. Mullally even wrote an endorsement of her experience working with Kate that’s posted on Kate’s website.

But, just how new is this couple? Not as fresh as some fans might have originally thought. Let’s track what Deuxmoi has known about Kate and Andrew thus far…

January 2024: Andrew and Kate start seeing one another

This week, an exclusive source filled Deuxmoi in, claiming, “Andrew and Kate have actually been hanging out since January.” This is in stark contrast to what fans suspected based on an early January sighting of Andrew with model Olivia Brower in London which the source states, could have been a “smokescreen” romance.

February 2024: Lunch dates in the English Countryside

On February 11th, an exclusive eyewitness source reported to Deuxmoi the following sighting: “Spotted today-Andrew Garfield and a lady friend (English girl, no one we recognized) having lunch at the Plough and Harrow Pub in Malvern (a small town in Worcestershire, UK). He was very friendly!” As it turns out, this English lady friend was, in fact, Kate, proving they’ve been seeing one another for a couple of months.

March 2024: Debuting in Malibu

Paparazzi catch Andrew and Kate on March 26th going grocery shopping and again just four days later hand in hand at Zinqué with friends Phoebe Bridgers Bo Burnham.

Andrew has always been pretty private about his love life, but it looks like things are heating up with Kate…hot enough for him to go public with the new relationship!

Photo Credit: Backgrid

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