The Cracks in the Crown: Can the Drama Queens Bridge the Divide?


Deuxmoi Editor


April 22, 2024

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It’s a seemingly rocky road for the Drama Queens! Deuxmoi has been following the tumultuous friendship between former One Tree Hill costars and podcasters Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton for a while now. Just when the ladies seemed to be on the up and up, a repost on Instagram threw fans a curveball.

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8th, Bethany posted a friend-filled collage on her Instagram account of all the beloved women in her life, which included a photo of Sophia and Hilarie. The gesture seemed to suggest to fans that the actresses had moved past their former issues.

Photo Credit: @msbethanyjoylenz/INSTAGRAM

In the March 3rd Deuxmoi Newsletter, we included intel from a source who delved into the issues causing discord. The source stated, “The bulk of their issues began when Bethany began posting her personal beliefs around vaccinations and LGBTIQA+ community on her private Instagram account that were strikingly different from her costars. She even declined to do ad reads related to the topic on the podcast. Despite several conversations, Hilarie and Sophia were unable to convince Bethany that her beliefs go against basic human rights.”

While they did have differences in beliefs, they had allegedly tabled them for the podcast. Or so we thought. On March 22nd, Sophia Bush reposted a post from author Daniella Young. Daniella posted the following message to her followers, “Some ‘cult experts’ out there are preaching bigotry and homophobia today, but here’s the thing about ‘cult experts’ that joined cults. You might speak the language really well after 50 years, but it’s my mother tongue. Identity is not a cult and attacking the most marginalized people in society is disgusting. Also, it’s a huge warning sign when ‘thought leaders’ start offering expertise far outside of their fields, which is what you’re seeing when a cult psychologist starts giving LGBTQ developmental youth advice.”

Photo Credit: @sophiabush/@daniellamyoung_/INSTAGRAM

Sophia’s repost included a simple, yet powerful “ahem…”, which could be a subtle nod to Bethany’s contrasting beliefs on the subject. It’s not clear or confirmed if Sophia’s motive was to get Bethany’s attention with the repost, but it’s crystal clear where she stands.

Meanwhile, the Drama Queens continue to grace the podcast airwaves together! As of now, the show doesn’t appear to be impacted by their stark differences in beliefs.

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